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Concept Design
Product concept designs can be rendered for development, sales or manufacturing purposes

Many product designs available for license. Please contact [email protected] to see concepts for license or 
 a free estimate to create a presentation for you.

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Original interpretations of “pre-school” DC and Marvel characters by Jennifer Priebe. 
Designed for light-up animated pillows(see Plush Toys for samples). Digital renderings for iStar Entertainment.
Snuggie Tails plush blanket preliminary concept designs. Jennifer designed and sewed all protos used in this commerical. Please click to
 see more information and the finished prototypes used on the commercial and website.
Tuck-E-Tails is and original Proto Toy concept that was licensed by the C.R. Gibson company's "Gibby and Libby" collection. Please click here for more info.
Packy Pets Op Art accessory set. Please see other items here.
Original concept developed with Dibzy LLC presentation for adult sensory product line by Jennifer Priebe.
Concept design and graphics for shawl blanket for Response Licensing Group, 

The Wobbly Bobbly is an soft toy concept of Jennifer's licensed by Manhattan Toy. She designed the original prototype and the special weighted silicone ball part that makes this toy unique.
Original concept drawing
Original working prototype made at Proto Toy and Gift Studio.
Concept sketch proposal
Original package design concept
Huggalongs weighted plush travel blanket concept
Helped develop new adaptive sweatshirt to go with Twiddle brand sensory toys.
Disney Princes novelty packaging and socks for Kids Licensing, LLC.
Princess Snuggie concept drawings and prototypes for Response Licensing Group.
Microwave popcorn bag concept